CIOTechWorld is on a mission to help businesses make well-informed and conscious decisions when it comes to technology purchasing. The market is flooded with innovative technologies that have the potential to solve current business challenges, introduce business innovation, and propel business growth. However, how can CIOs discover these solutions? CIO TechWorld could be the answer. The company presents a carefully selected list of the best solution/service providers, including trailblazing startups and well-established enterprises, in insightful technology and business magazines. This simplifies CIOs’ search for technology partners.

Moreover, the magazine also features articles by and for CIOs, providing a space for them to express their experiences, insights, and challenges in their role, as well as discuss the technologies they are currently leveraging or looking to adopt to transform their organisations.

By bringing both solution providers and buyers onto the same platform, CIO TechWorld is creating an ecosystem of sharing and advancing technology knowledge that CIOs and tech leaders can always rely on when they need it.

In addition to publishing the digital version of our printed magazines, which increases participant visibility and accessibility, the CIO TechWorld website also features insightful blogs and must-read news articles so the readers gain a deeper understanding of the current market and stay on top of industry happenings.

CIO TechWorld aims to cover everything that falls under the technology umbrella, irrespective of verticals, types of technology, and use cases. Join hands with us to redefine how technology decisions are made!

Business strategy is inherently linked to technology. In order to avoid business disruptions, outpace nimble competitors, generate new growth avenues, and build an adaptive organization that is flexible enough to move with market dynamics, CIOs must stay up-to-date with technological innovations. They must also take new risks as they pursue business transformation and experiment with new digital services and capabilities. However, with the sheer number of technology solutions and services flooding the market, it can be difficult for CIOs to navigate. CIO TechWorld can help CIOs make informed technology decisions by curating the best technology companies in the industry in our technology and business magazines. These magazines also feature insightful articles written by CIOs about the challenges they face and how they overcome them. We are a knowledge repository that CIOs can rely on when they need it.

CIO TechWorld magazine has a wide reach, with over 25,000 email subscribers and 40,000 qualified subscribers including C-Suite executives, top management, business owners, IT decision makers, and business decision makers across the USA, UK, APAC, and other countries. Among our readers, about 65% are senior-level IT leaders, including CIOs, CHROs, CEOs, CTOs, EVPs-IT, SVPs-IT, VP-IS/IT, and Director-IS/IT. The remaining 35% are senior corporate management leaders such as CEOs, CHROs, VP-HR, and Director-HR. About 80% of our readers are directly involved in IT purchases for their organisations, and 50% belong to organisations with more than 1000 employees, while 25% belong to organisations with 100 to 1000 employees. Our readership spans across all industry verticals. Additionally, we send special editions of CIO TechWorld magazine to an additional 35,000-50,000 technology buyers within the given industry vertical.

Geographic distribution is mentioned in our media kit.

Our publication features a curated list of the top technology vendors and consultants providing solutions and services for specific industry verticals. Our evaluation team and selection panel meticulously evaluate hundreds of technology companies to identify the final 20 that are at the forefront of addressing technological challenges in a given industry. To determine the Top 20 Solutions/Services, we thoroughly analyze each company’s offerings, core competencies, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognitions.

This circles back to the “What’s unique about CIO TechWorld” question, the answer is simple, by featuring the best technology solution and service companies, and insightful articles written by CIOs, we want to be the knowledge catalysts that help CIOs make better technology buying decisions. 

In simple terms, CIO TechWorld can help you increase your lead conversion rates. When your CEO, CTO, or senior sales leaders pitch your software to CIOs, they often need additional marketing tools to convince the CIOs to choose your software over the other 3-4 potential solutions being evaluated. By being ranked by a leading enterprise technology magazine, your company’s chances of being selected increase.

Furthermore, today’s CIOs are no longer waiting for vendors to approach them. They conduct their own research and evaluate solutions independently, relying on relevant content such as white papers, case studies, and product literature. Being recognized by CIO TechWorld can significantly increase the chances of your solution being included in their short-list.

CIO TechWorld serves as a knowledge catalyst, helping CIOs make informed technology buying decisions. By featuring the best technology solution and service companies, along with insightful articles written by CIOs, we aim to provide valuable resources that assist CIOs in evaluating vendors and selecting the solutions that best meet their organization’s needs.

Our magazine and website feature an immersive and unbiased story of your company. We also promote the same on social media. This approach aims not only to increase your leads but also to improve conversion rates. By telling your company story in a way that answers most of the questions that CIOs have in mind.

  1. Our full-fledged market research and editorial team actively tracks technology companies and their solution prowess throughout the year. They collect information from various sources such as market reports, industry news, social media, surveys with potential buyers, and industry events.

  1. Also, three months prior to the launch of our special edition, we invite nominations from solution providers. On average, we receive 250-300 nominations for a given industry vertical solution. Interested parties can visit our website and fill out the nomination form, which only requires basic information.

Once we receive the nomination, our evaluation team will send out a detailed questionnaire for nominated companies. Some of the information we seek is as follows:


1) Market pain points addressed.
2) Key products/ solutions/ services offered to clients.
3) Key differentiating points that set your company apart from your competitors.
4) Where do you see customer traction and why (market segments)?
5) The key strategy followed to stay ahead of the competition.
6) Illustrious clientele.
7) A case study to highlight the benefits brought to one of your clients.
8) Brief information about the Founder/CEO background and career.
9) The road map ahead for the company.

In addition to the aforementioned points, nominated companies are welcome to share any additional information with the evaluation team.


  1. Following the nomination process, our evaluation team meticulously reviews all submissions. They conduct independent research in addition to considering the information provided by the nominated companies to shortlist the top 50 solution providers from a pool of approximately 300 nominations.
  1. Next, the shortlisted companies undergo a thorough evaluation by a distinguished panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, including CIO TechWorld’s editorial board. This panel ultimately decides the final “Top 20 Innovative Technology Companies.”

No. As per our company policy, we do not share the list of shortlisted companies.

If a company is shortlisted by our evaluation team, we offer a ‘Reprint Brand Package’. This package involves a nominal sponsorship of $2000 and provides a few additional benefits for branding activities.


Check out our Media Kit for more details.

Following are the benefits you get:


  1. Print-ready high-res PDF and full reprint rights for one full-page profile in the print magazine and online magazine about your company, along with the CEO picture.
  2. Winning companies will also receive a Certificate of Honor.
  3. We will provide a sample press release with a quote from our Editor-in-Chief that can be used by you for media circulation.
  4. One full-page page advertisement in the magazine that can be utilized (anytime in 2023).

The final selection of the 20 companies is at the discretion of the selection committee. Choosing the Reprint Brand Package does not guarantee a spot in the final 20.

If you have provided us with detailed information about your company during the nomination process, our editorial team will use it to draft a one-page company profile. If we require additional information, we will contact you.


If you did not submit relevant information during the nomination process but your company was shortlisted based on the research conducted by our evaluation team, we will request an interview with your CEO or senior executive and our editorial staff. After the interview, we will send you a draft of the company profile for your review. If you are unavailable for an interview, you may send your answers via email.

Certainly. You will be provided with the opportunity to review the one-page company profile drafted by our editorial team. You can suggest changes and make any necessary edits. It’s worth noting that the company profile will be approximately 575 words in length, and will include a picture of the CEO.

No, your company’s profile will not be published unless you opt for the Reprint Brand Package. If your company is selected for the final list, only the company name will be mentioned on the listing page without any other information or profile. However, companies that choose to opt for the Reprint Brand Package will have a dedicated one-page profile printed in the magazine.

We will only inform you if your company has been shortlisted for the final round. However, the selection of the final 20 companies will only be disclosed after the magazine has been published.

No, the information will only be accessible to the selection committee. The names of the final 20 companies will not be made public until after the magazine is published.

Certainly, we guarantee that the sponsorship amount collected towards the Reprint Brand Package will be refunded if the company is not selected for the final list, as specified in the contract.

Once you confirm your participation via email, we will send you a contract form to sign. Upon receipt of the signed contract, we will issue an invoice which is to be paid within 7 days. Payment can be made via several modes including check, credit card, Paypal, or wire transfer.

It is mandatory to receive the payment before the publication.

If your company is not selected for the final 20, we will refund the payment within 7 days from the date of publication.

We announce the award on our website and also feature it in our newsletter, which reaches out to 200,000 IT professionals.

This section of our platform is dedicated to news and insights from CIOs. Please feel free to share any news related to your company such as new product launches or customer wins, and we will be delighted to publish it.

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